Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Are Corrupt (Not Barack Obama, But Everyone Else)

We are corrupt. No one believes Barack Obama is tainted with Chicago corruption, naturally, having only served briefly before his White House campaign began, but most everyone realizes we bribe, lie, steal to get things done. It isn't just the unions, priests, corporations, and paperboys who are suspect. Everyone. Blago is just the voice of a corrupt generation. Dare we call him guilty? Well, yeah, if that's the verdict.

Good thing is not "the Giannoulias seat." And definitely not Hillary's seat. No one wants to see that.

See What's in a name? Would 'the Obama seat' by any other name still have a smell to it (Chicago Triibune)
Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles: Fraud and Corruption in the Chicago Futures Markets

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