Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sale Pending: Illinois Senate Seat - Roland Burris Expected to Stand, or Sit on Dirty Floor

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is expected to give Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat to former state attorney general Roland Burris. With the present economy, and Illinois gambling revenue's down, the price appears to be free.

Mr. Burris is not expected to actually get the seat. All 50 sitting Democratic senators signed a letter by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada warned Blagojevich after his Dec. 9 arrest that Senate Democrats would not seat anyone the governor named to the seat.

They, instead, will make Burris stand, or sit on the floor. Burris was warned that the floor is dirty. Mops, he was reminded, were all used up during George Ryan's era, and are either broken or stained red.

Good wooden chairs are being used, said Reid, to print money in a recycling/laundry effort. Green initiatives are import to Democrats, so they are printing as much green as possible.

Republicans are overjoyed since this makes their time on the couch look good.

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